Life :)

It’s been almost a month since I’ve written about life rather than work or projects . . . usually that’s a pretty good indication that it’s been busy – though really, it hasn’t felt too crazy this past month.  And that’s a good thing . . . Here’s a few things we’ve been up to:

Lantern Parade

Earlier today we enjoyed a free swim at one of the local pools, and then we took part in a German tradition.  The German Club puts on a “lantern parade” every year for St. Martin’s Day . . . the kids all parade with their lanterns, and then it ends with a big bonfire.

Hot Pot

A few days ago we celebrated Cindy’s birthday (she’s one of the eMi interns – and our homestay student).  She treated us all to “Hot Pot” – Mmmmm . . .

Talia Baking

Talia’s been doing lots of baking lately.  Here she was making a birthday cake for Cindy (from scratch, all by herself – I just helped with the oven).  Thursdays tends to be baking day, since we don’t have any scheduled after school activities . . . though last week, we met with a family from church to play on the playground instead – it’s nice to have a few more days of fall before the winter sets in!

Kaisa in bed

Last week Kaisa spent a few days home from school . . . she caught a nasty cold that was going around her classroom, and was coughing a lot in the mornings.  She obviously wasn’t too sick though, since she was still smiling and playing with her puppies 🙂

Clown & Princess

The girls had fun dressing up and we went to a church carnival for the end of October . . . though I have to admit, I liked Kaisa’s costume for school best.  She dressed in “Lederhosen” and became “Hansel” of “Hansel & Gretel”  (we couldn’t convince Talia to dress as Gretel though . . . )

The previous weekend Oma & Opa were up . . . the last time we’ll see them before Spring, since they’re heading to warmer climes for the winter 🙂

So, we’ve been doing lots of day to day stuff . . . enjoying a bit of a slower pace now that the project trip is completed . . . spending a bit of time catching up . . . enjoying life . . .


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