Out of Words

It’s been a busy weekend of talking and catching up . . . on Friday, I had a chance to get together with a Fort St. John friend who lives in Calgary now and the time ran out before the words did.  That evening, we went to a “house cooling” party of other friends who are moving out of town, and caught up with some mutual friends who we hadn’t seen for a while.  And on Saturday, we headed to Taber.

Kevin’s cousin had invited us to Taber to speak at his church.  It was a great weekend!  We stayed at their house, and their oldest is the same age as Kaisa, so the kids were well entertained.  Kevin’s Aunt & Uncle joined all of us for dinner on Saturday night, and then on Sunday we shared at the church.  The pastors were both away, so Kevin was “preaching” – that is, sharing a message beyond a simple report of what eMi does and where we’ve been.  We had a booth set up in the foyer after the service, and had a chance to talk one on one with more people (there’s even someone in the church whose nephew has been an intern with eMi in Colorado!  How’s that for a small world?).  After church, there was more visiting over lunch, and then we headed into Lethbridge to have dinner with several team members from Kevin’s Sudan team last spring.  By the time we were on our way home, we were all out of words!  Even the girls fell asleep on the drive home – and that rarely happens anymore . . .


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