Home Again

After a final whirlwind day of Salvadorian site seeing (including some archeological sites, the museum of Anthropology, driving through the downtown core of San Salvador, and then eating dinner in a pupusaria overlooking the city), on Sunday morning we headed back to San Salvador . . . this time to the airport.

It’s hard to believe that we only met everyone 10 days ago.  And, as we said good-bye to Samuel & Charity (with special hugs for baby Benjamin) and to Joel (who was staying on to enjoy the Salvadorian surf before heading home to New Zealand), we knew that the trip was ending.  The rest of our good-byes happened in the Houston airport, as we all headed our separate ways to catch our various flights back to our “real lives.”

And here we are.  Calgary changed from summer to winter while we were gone (brr).  Grandma & Grandpa did just fine with the kids.  Kaisa woke up just before midnight last night and came out with a sleepy smile and big hugs for both of us.  Talia’s smile was just as big (and not quite as tired) this morning.  Grandma & Grandpa left early, and after we brought the kids to school, we started unpacking, did some laundry, took some time to relax.  We went out for a family dinner tonight and tried to hear all the exciting things that happened in our kids lives while we were gone.  Tomorrow, we’ll both be back at work and life will go on.

The challenge, now, I guess, is to take what we’ve seen and learned on this trip and not lose that in the busy-ness of being back home.  A friend of mine said it best in a facebook comment: “May your mind, body ,and soul all catch up to being back….but may you not loose the “God Prints” from your time away.”  Please pray with us that Kevin & I – and all the other team members – will continue to be open to those God Prints in our lives . . .


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