A few hiccups

As you could probably tell, the week has gotten busy.  As the computers are being used for surveying data collection, design and other important stuff, blogging isn’t given priority computer time . . . and then, yesterday just before dinner, the power went out . . . and wasn’t on yet by the time we got up this morning!  Thankfully, stoves here run on propane, so mealtime wasn’t an issue.  And this morning, we ended up heading over to a local orphanage (the directors are friends of Samuel and Charity) and set up shop there.  This meant we got to hang out with some kids too . . . I got to help a few of the girls with their handwriting homework, and I showed pictures from home to some of the kids (and stretched my few words of Spanish!).  Later on the guys offered the kids piggy back rides and foot races and the like . . . it’s just so nice to put a face to why we’re doing this . . . it’s kids like this who will be served by the Father’s Heart Foundation.  

Yesterday night, our evening devotions focussed on 1 Corinthians 12, where it talks about us being many parts but one body.  I’m reminded again that an eMi team is such a great example of that.  In the last couple days, the surveyors have been out surveying, the architects have been laying out master plans and floor plans, the structural engineer has been checking out building materials, the civil has been meeting with municipal representatives, etc. etc.  Each part is so vital to what is being designed . . . and it’s so exciting to see it taking shape . . . then there’s the local people who are part of this project.  Samuel and Charity, of course, but also the board, the local architects who have come to share words of wisdom with our team, the construction manager who took the day to tour our team through construction supply yards and construction sites, the orphanage director who gave Charity a break by cooking for us today . . . and beyond that, we all have the body back home praying for us, supporting us financially, etc. etc.  It’s amazing how God orchestrates his people to use their gifts and talents – in this case, to design an orphanage to care for orphaned and abandoned children in El Salvador . . .


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