La Iglesia

One of the highlights of a project trip is always to worship with the local church and this time was no exception.  But I’m not sure this is what we were expecting:

The church outgrew its original space, and has been meeting at the Hilton Hotel in San Salvador for about a year now.  They have three services (we went to the second, which started at 9:30 and ended just before 11:30, when the third service started).  I recognized all but one of the songs, and thanks to the words on the power point, was even able to try to sing along in Spanish.  I didn’t do as well on following the sermon, but thanks to a brief recap on the drive home, I can put the pieces together a bit more.  Other than the Spanish, it really could have been a church service anywhere in North America. 

One of the things that struck me was that in the vestibule outside the church service, they were having a fundraiser for a variety of different projects – including Samuel & Charity’s Father’s Heart Foundation.  It’s neat to see the support behind this project from the local Christians too. 

After lunch we had some downtime.  For Kevin and a few of the guys that involved heading over to the soccer field and starting a game of “football” with some of the kids that were around.  By the end, the kids had grabbed their dad – and the three kids and one adult soundly beat the “Canadian” team of four adults (despite the fact that they had adopted Samuel as an honourary Canadian :D).  I’ll add a link to the El Salvador pictures in the sidebar – I’ll try to add a few each day.

This evening the more serious work began.  The team met with the board of directors to hear them out and try to understand their vision.  This is still big-picture stuff . . . what needs to be included on the land, what programs do they foresee in 10 years . . . how will public space and private space be divided etc. etc.  It’s a big vision – a God-sized vision – and the challenge for the team is to put that vision on paper in the coming week.  Please pray that we’ll listen and understand and catch God’s vision for the Father’s Heart Foundation.


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