Ready, Set, GO

Well, we’re packed.  At least I think we are.  I hope I haven’t forgotten anything important.  I’m sure Kevin hasn’t – he’s got his trusty list and he’s done this so many times.  Good thing I’m with him 🙂

Kevin’s parents arrived this afternoon, so the kids are in good hands.  Kaisa was a bit clingy tonight, but I’m sure she’ll be fine once we’re actually gone.  We said our good-byes tonight since we’ll leave before they’re awake.

The flight is at 7 a.m., which doesn’t sound so bad until you start calculating backwards through check in and customs . . . we’re leaving our house before 4 a.m.  I’m hoping for some sleep on the airplane!

I’ll try to update the blog while we’re in El Salvador, but I’m not sure how the internet access will be – or whether I’ll have access to a computer (Kevin’s computer tends to be pretty tied up and project design takes precedence over blogging!)  Please pray for us, even if I can’t blog . . .

Now off to bed . . .


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