Making a list and checking it twice . . .

I can’t believe we’re leaving on Friday already!  Somehow, this El Salvador trip has really snuck up on me.  I need to pack, I need to make sure my camera is working, I need to make sure my house is prepared for my in-laws, I need to make a list for Grandma and Grandpa with all the kid’s activities and correlating times and addresses . . . I think I’m about ready to panic . . .

It really isn’t THAT much to do, but right now I’m feeling rather overwhelmed.  Today I was in at work and had to finish the ACDP because the graphic design will be completed while we’re away.  Tonight Bible Study was at our house.  Tomorrow already has a few commitments, and Thursday really is our last day . . .

But more than the packing and the cleaning, I also want to be prepared spiritually for this trip.  I want God to stretch me – and to use me.  I want to be an encouragement to the missionaries that we’re going to serve.  I want to want what God wants for me on this trip . . .

So please pray for us.  Pray for the logistics, the team unity, and all that kind of stuff.  But also pray that we would be right where God wants us to be, doing what God wants us to do.


(There’s a prayer guide on the eMi website if you’d like more details about what each stage of a project trip entails.)


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