Team eMi :)

Well, race weekend was fun, though I’m definitely a bit sore today.  I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to be able to keep up with Kaisa, unless I definitely get a bit more serious about training for myself.  I’m NOT the runner in the family!  Kaisa finished her 5 k in 38 minutes – that’s 8 minutes faster than last time!  Talia took a few minutes off her time too, and finished in 30 minutes.  Kevin had his second-best time in the half-marathon, at 1:38 – definitely not bad considering the second half of the course was pretty hilly.  The interns and Greg all seemed pretty happy with their performance on the 10 k course too – and it was neat to have a whole “team” around, cheering and taking pictures.  I don’t have all the eMi pictures yet, but here’s our family after the race:

We all enjoyed a picnic lunch together after the race, and then decided to stretch our legs with a bit of a hike.  Since there was a geocache in the area, we introduced the interns, Steve, and Jim to the fine art of geocaching in the process 🙂

The girls have definitely taken to the new batch of interns.  They FINALLY got to meet Cindy, who’s staying at our house this semester (she arrived Thursday late, but hadn’t actually been home while the kids were awake) and Heather, who stayed here for a few days until her permanent homestay became available.  Between interns and homestay students, my children are learning to form strong attachments – for four months at a time.  I haven’t quite decided if that’s a good thing 😉  With Cindy staying here, we’ll likely see this group of interns a bit more frequently . . .


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