A Week of Transitions and Training

It’s only Wednesday, but it already feels like it’s been a full week.  Part of it has been transitions . . . we said a final good-bye to our homestay student who joined us in April (she was gone for most of August, but came back for a week before heading home) . . . we’ve enjoyed having friends here from Fort St. John, who left this morning . . . and in the midst of this, the girls are still adjusting to being back at school, adjusting to the fall schedule, adjusting to their new classes, making new friends and the like.

Then there’s work.  We’ve been blessed this week to have Scott & Laura up, a couple from the eMi office in Colorado.  Laura has been developing eMi’s capacity for member-care and the like, and she came up to do some training for the Canada office.  The topics have included things related to intern/new staff orientation, listening skills, debriefing, human resources procedures, cross-cultural adaptability . . . fascinating topics (and the sorts of things I thrive on!) . . . but right now I feel like my brain is FULL.  Scott & Laura are also the couple who hosted us when we went to Colorado Springs for our own new staff orientation several years ago, so we also enjoyed having them over to our place for dinner tonight, to enjoy some more personal “catching up” time.

There’s a few more busy days yet.  Tomorrow, we have another full day of training, the CEO of eMi US is coming to visit the Canada office, and we’ll get a chance to meet the first two interns who arrived today.  In the evening, there’s a staff social planned.  At around midnight, the intern who will be staying at our house is landing in Calgary.  Then, this weekend, Kevin is part of the eMi board meeting and I’m involved in doing some cultural training (as a “trainer” this time, not as a “participant”).   And, much of the eMi Canada office (including our whole family) will be taking part in a race supporting a local ministry.  Kevin will be running a half-marathon, Greg and some of the interns will be running the 10 k, the girls will be running a 5 k . . . and my job will be to keep up to Kaisa :).

It’s amazing how quickly this month is going by . . . almost scary how quickly our trip is coming up . . . wow.  Maybe life will slow down in October?!?


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