No, it’s not ACDC . . . or BCAA . . . it actually stands for an “Association of Christian Design Professionals.”  Design professionals are engineers, architects, surveyors and the like – the types of people who come on eMi trips.  And eMi provides this informal “association” as part of its ministry to raise awareness for design needs in developing countries – as well as to raise support for the operating costs of Engineering Ministries International.

So – what does that all have to do with us?  Well, during the summer, the individual who used to produce the ACDP Technical Newsletter for eMi – out of the Colorado office – went on maternity leave.  And in the process of searching for a replacement, my name got mentioned.  Now – producing the ACDP takes almost 40 hours a month – and I generally work about 10 hours a week.  I did the math, and realized that this would NOT work.  But there was another individual in the Colorado office who was also considering helping out – and together, we’ve formed the new “ACDP team”.  I do the coordinating and the editing; Jeremy does the graphic design and produces the pdfs.  Then I prepare the html email and send out the electronic version of the ACDP newsletter, and Jeremy prints and distributes the hard copy version (Canada only offers the electronic version, while the US has just started trying to encourage its members to switch over to the e-newsletter).

This month was our first go at it.  Of course, the article is due from whoever is writing it mid-month the month before the newsletter comes out.  So yes, I was editing an ACDP article before heading to the beach on my vacation . . .

Today was the day I actually sent out the September ACDP.  I spent over an hour on the phone with our web design guy learning the intricacies of how to customize the template he had prepared for the html emails, how to import the ACDP contact lists, and how to use the mailer system.  By the end of the phone call, my brain was full!  But, by the end of the day I had both versions (the Canadian and the US) successfully emailed out – and it seems to have gone smoothly.  Yay!

Next month, it’s the Canadian office’s turn to provide a technical article for the ACDP, so Kevin is writing about household water filtration systems.  We’ll see how well we work together as writer and editor team 😉

If you’re a design professional, and want to know more about eMi’s ACDP, check out  There’s even a sample copy of the newsletter online . . .

One bonus about all this is that I’ll hopefully be able to use all the neat things I’ve been learning about html emails to pretty up our office’s eMiC Connected . . . and even our personal newsletters!

But for tonight – I’m tired.  It’s time to relax with a good book.


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