I think I blinked!

How did we get from the upcoming open house to the first week of September?!?  I think I must have blinked and missed it!  Here’s the highlights . . .

  • A wonderful open house at my parents house!  My parents invited a lot of their friends who have been asking about us and how we’re doing, so there were a lot of people who hadn’t heard much about eMi before.  It was exciting to share (and I also learned how to say “design” in German 😉 )
  • Beach time!  It was fun to be a tourist in my home town.  We floated down the channel, spent some time with friends and relatives, did some geocaching – and, of course, spent almost every afternoon at the beach
  • Heading home.  We had another chance to go to Kaleden Church our last Sunday, and then did the long drive home – including a quick stop in Armstrong for ice cream with Grandma & Grandpa.
  • Last days of summer.  A few “down days” was just what we needed.
  • Back to school and work.  School started VERY early in Calgary this year.  The girls were excited to go back though.  Talia has more friends in her class this year, and Kaisa is busy making friends with all the grade 1-ers in her 1/2 split.  I’m back at work now too, trying to catch up with everything that piled up all summer.
  • A camping weekend.  Kazue, our homestay student from last semester, is back for a few days before heading home.  She’s wanted to come camping with us all summer, so we headed out for a weekend at Kananaskis.  The weather cooperated beautifully, and we had a great weekend that included campfires, mountain biking, hiking, plaster casting, playing in the river, and just plain fun.
  • Our anniversary!  Kevin and I celebrated 13 years this week!  Kazue offered to watch our kids, so we headed out for dessert and an evening to ourselves.
  • Care group BBQ.  Care group has been a bit sporadic over the summer, but it was nice to be back and catch up with everyone (well, almost everyone).  We also got to meet Cassidy, our newest member, who was exactly 1 week old!

So there we go – that’s what’s been happening in our lives.  We’d love to also hear what’s been happening in yours . . .


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