Birthdays, Vacation . . . and sharing about eMi

We’re on vacation . . . have been for a week now . . . and, despite some less than cooperative weather, it’s been great.  We spent the first few days with Kevin’s parents in Armstrong – even spent a couple nights camping with them and Kevin’s brother and sister-in-law  – all right over Grandpa’s 65th birthday, Kevin’s birthday, and Kaisa’s 7th birthday.  We had 3 birthday cakes in 4 days!  Then on Friday, we continued on.  We made a quick stop in Kelowna to have coffee with the Aylards, a Canadian family who will be joining the eMi Uganda office.  It was so good to meet them in person!  And then we headed to Penticton (well, Kaleden), to my parents’ home.  Yesterday we joined my great-grandmother and my aunt & uncle and some of the cousins and their kids up at the lake for some fishing (Kaisa caught her first two fish!) and today we went to church and then headed to town for some “geobiking”.  I’ve finally got a minute or two to update my blog while Opa is barbequing Kaisa’s trout . . .

It was so good to be back at Kaleden Church this morning!  Kevin and I were given the service time to share about our work with Engineering Ministries International.  We shared about Kevin’s most recent trip to Sudan, and Kevin also talked about leaving a legacy . . . the legacy of the church that is still present in Sudan, despite the many years of civil war, the legacy of our families and our churches, and the more personal legacies that we all leave to those around us.  It’s kind of funny – Kevin went into engineering (and started with eMi) because he wanted a way of serving God that didn’t include “preaching” . . . I guess God had different ideas, as Kevin has spoken at churches in Canada as well as on various project trips.  Kevin’s developing into a very confident speaker and I love listening to his messages.

So – the weather is supposed to turn nice this week, and we’re looking forward to some beach days.  We’re also looking forward to an Open House that my parents are hosting on Wednesday evening (if you’re in the Penticton area and would like to come, let us know and we’ll pass on the details).  We’re hoping to see lots of our Penticton friends while we’re here . . .


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