Preparing for Fall

While the girls and I are enjoying lazy days and lots of time with friends, Kevin’s work at the office has not slowed down.  His next trip is scheduled for September 25th – October 5th – which means, of course, that most of the planning takes place over the summer.

Usually the fall trips are hard to recruit for, since everyone seems to be on summer mode and isn’t ready to commit for the fall.  But this time around, both teams leaving from the Canada office filled up very quickly.  So nice for Kevin NOT to be worrying about if he has the key players he needs to make this trip happen.

This trip is to Quezaltepeque, El Salvador, to design an orphanage for a ministry there.  The missionary family is a couple where she is from Canada and he is from Uganda (and their little daughter).  Should make for some interesting intercultural dynamics!  Details about the project are available here.

We’re still working on the possibility that I’ll go along on this trip – Central American trips are less expensive than African trips for me to go along  – though we need to confirm childminding first.

What else is keeping Kevin busy?  Well, he’s working on his Sudan report, and he’s continuing to provide tech support to the office (this week that included reformatting the hard drive on his laptop, and finishing up a server move for eMi Canada that will hopefully solve the email problems that we’ve been having).

And, of course, he’s still training for his half-ironman.  The race is this weekend, so the end is in sight!


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