Summer weekends should be like this . . .

It’s been such a wonderfully relaxing weekend . . . the weather finally feels like summer, and it feels like we had a bit of a “staycation” this weekend.

After a busy week of playdates and such, Friday was a day with no  plans – largely because we had planned to go camping this weekend, and I figured I’d need the time to pack and such.  So, the girls and I had a quiet morning, went for a bit of a bikeride in the afternoon (discovered a few new playgrounds along the way).  After Kevin came home from work, we decided we were still up for some excitement.  So, after supper, we headed out to the Edgemont Ravines to go for a walk and do a bit of geocaching.  Right away we discovered this would mean a bit of bushwhacking . . . but after finding our last cache, we had to get across the ravines to the walking path on the other side.  This turned out to be rather more complex than we thought!  Good thing Kaisa’s such a trouper – in lots of places the grass was higher than she was – and there was NO trail.  It’s amazing that you can find this kind of wilderness in the middle of the city.  (We got to see a deer too – and lots of ducks and birds, of course).

The reason we stayed home this weekend was that we had received an invitation from friends of ours to join them at their house on the lake for the day on Saturday.  The weather turned out beautiful, and we enjoyed a lazy day of boating and canoeing and enjoying the gorgeous yard right on the lake.  After supper we went out on the boat one more time – the girls went on the tube (a little nervously, since they had just watched their friend tip and land in the water!) but they both ended up having a great time.  And I got to try waterskiing for the first time in my life!  (You’d think having grown up in the Okanagan that it would be something I’d learned, but for whatever reason, I’d never had a chance to try it).  So, here I was, waterskiing into the sunset . . . fun!

This morning we went to church, and then this afternoon we join in on a family fun event at a local park.  It was organized by our community, so there were lots of people we knew – from school, from soccer, even from church.  We rested and visited and enjoyed more hours outdoors . . . the thunderclouds rolled in, and we expected a cloudburst, but the wind blew them right over us and then the sun kept shining . . .

So, tonight I feel relaxed, rested and very blessed.  Oh yes, and a bit sore from the waterskiing 😉


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