The first two weeks of summer . . .

Friday – School’s out.  Uncle Robin, Auntie Sara & Cousin Ronan arrive.

Saturday – All Sports One Day.  The girls try out Mountain Biking, Roller Luging, Trampoline Aerials (Talia) and Wall Climbing (Kaisa).

Sunday – Church.  To the beach at Sikone Lake.  Tony & Tanya and kids arrive.

Monday –  Uncle Robin, Auntie Sara and Ronan leave for home.  Talia & Kaisa spend the morning playing with their newly arrived friends.  A bike ride and some geocaching in the afternoon.

Tuesday – A trip to the zoo

Wednesday – Tony & Tanya & kids leave.  Talia, Kaisa and Daddy run a triathlon in Turner Valley.  Grandma & Grandpa and Uncle Henry & Aunt Esther arrive.

Thursday – Grandma & Grandpa and Uncle Henry & Aunt Esther leave.  Tony & Tanya’s kids get dropped off for a sleepover.

Friday – Bus downstown for a stampede parade, where we meet Tony and Tanya.  Late lunch after getting home from the parade, then Tony & Tanya take all the kids to Callaway Park.

Saturday – Bowness Parade & Stampede Breakfast.  Afterwards, we head down to “Gran’s” place – Tanya’s Mom & Dad’s.  The girls get to see the foal and go on the horses.

Sunday – Stampede Breakfast.  Church.  We take the canoe down the river from Bowness Park to Memorial (and even stop on an island to find a geocache on the way).

Monday – Kevin leaves for Colorado.  Michele gets sick.

Tuesday – Kevin plays 104 holes in 12 hours at the eMi World Golf Fundraiser in Colorado Springs.  Michele still sick.

Wednesday – Kid’s Day at the Stampede.  Super Dogs and Pig Racing are the favourites (though trick riding ranks pretty high too).  Pick up Kevin at the airport.  Girls spend the rest of the day having their dolls “trick ride” their stuffed horses.

Thursday – Playdate at Kaisa’s friend’s house while the Moms plan a joint birthday party for Kaisa and her friend.

Friday – Lunch at Talia’s friend’s house across town.  Quick geocache after supper (we’re first to find – the kids are excited).

Saturday – Kevin does his long bike ride.  The girls (including Kazue) do a bit of garage saling.  After lunch we go for a family bike ride and geocaching.  Kevin goes for a guy’s event with the guy’s from Bible Study.  Michele & the girls join the other wives for their own evening out.  Get home.  Put the girls to bed.  Update Blog . . .


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