School is out :)

Posted: June 26, 2009 by Michele in family

Apparently, this last month just flew by.  Kevin got home from his trip, and since then we’ve been busy with end of year activities . . . everything from a quick trip to Edmonton to meet up with family, to soccer, to the footstock races (a 5-K run for the girls – including Mom! – and a duathlon for Kevin), to eMi activities, to father’s day celebrations,  to bike rides and playdates.  Yesterday, I went in for my last day at the eMi office until September (well – I’ll probably go in while the kids are in camp in August – but that’s a while yet).  This morning I volunteered for the kids pancake breakfast and “fun day” at school.  And at noon it was officially summer vacation.  We grabbed a couple friends and headed to the zoo for the afternoon, and then came home to prepare for the influx of guests we’ll be having in the next week . . . it’s bound to be an exciting summer!


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