A blog post from Kevin

Architectural Rendering
Architectural Rendering

It’s been a great week. We got a lot of work done and the ministry is very grateful for the drawings we came up with to portray their vision. The focus of the project this week was an orphanage for 50 kids, a school, medical clinic and a church. The church has 12 acres of very good land at the edge of town. They want to work with the community in that area. A pre-fab medical center is on its way in containers and so part of their vision is already coming to fruition. We surveyed the land, did some soil and water investigation, and met with lots of the stakeholders. We arrived on site on Sunday and were able to present a plan on Friday. This Lutheran church who we are working for has several contacts in Canada and US that we will continue to work with to finalize the plans and help them with fund-raising for this project.

South Sudan has incredible need for any kind of aid you can think of. They have come out of war 5 years ago, but very little infrastructure is being rebuilt in fear that war may break out again in 2 years during the next elections and referendum. They need hospitals, schools, businesses, industry. In Malakal, and most of the south, there was no sizable industry. Farming and raising cattle has even just barely returned since the war. Everything, including nearly 100% of their food is imported with aid money.

The travel to and from Malakal has been very difficult and much longer than we anticipated due to hiccups in the flights. But we are on the way back and are grateful to once again have flush toilets, and to not have to sleep in tents. I’m feeling very anxious to get home, but I still have one more night in London first. That would make 3 nights on the trip home.

Thursday – flew out of Calgary

Friday – flew out of London

Saturday – afternoon landed in Juba

–          too late to fly to Malakal

–          meet director of foreign affairs

–          meet UN civil engineer

–          unexpected overnight at MAF

Sunday – charter MAF to fly to Malakal

–          noon – attend Lutheran church and see site

–          afternoon – learn about ministry

–          meet Senator, several pastors, gov’t employees

Monday – survey site, meet with ministry

Tuesday – survey site, civil investigations

– meet with ministry

Wednesday – meet with ministry

–          tour Catholic church

–          tour water treatment plant

–          meet gov’t infrastructure people

Thursday – no meetings

Friday – stake out site

–          finalize presentation

–          presentation to 6 church members / pastors

Saturday – 8:30 flew with MAF to Juba

–          Flight out of Juba postponed 24 hours

–          Unexpected overnight at MAF


–          1:30 flight from Juba to Burundi to Addis

–          3 hours in Addis airport arranging hotel vouchers and next flight and luggage

–          Night in Riveria hotel (4 star!)

Monday (hopefully)

–          Fly to London

–          Overnight in London

Tuesday – Fly to Toronto

– Connect to Calgary


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