No news is good news

No news from Kevin in the last couple days . . . I can only assume the team is hard at work.  By now, the surveyors probably have a rough survey, and the architects have probably been tossing ideas back and forth among themselves and with the ministry.  They’re into the bulk of the work week,and need prayer that ideas would flow, and innovative and practical solutions would be found to any design challenges.  Keep praying for health and safety, for team dynamics, and for communication with the ministry.

Pray too for the families back home.  At our house, we’re having lots of fun with Oma & Opa – and yesterday our homestay student brought home a couple friends and they prepared “home-style” sushi for us . . . mmmm . . . so we’re doing good.  But I’m still checking my email account often in hopes of either a text message or  an email from Sudan, and though I KNOW no news is good news, it still sometimes seems like a long stretch to go without hearing anything . . . I’ll keep you posted.


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