En Route

Kevin did arrive in London, though I haven’t heard from him since.  He said it was a beautiful morning, and they were still waiting to meet up with two more members of their team.  As of right now, the team still has more than half a day’s travel left before they reach their final destination.  Please pray that all goes smoothly as they pick up their visas in Ethiopia, that the flight into Juba lands on time (this could make a difference whether they can fly into Malakal on Saturday evening or need to wait until Monday morning, as MAF does not fly on Sundays), that their luggage arrives intact, and that getting through customs will go smoothly.  Continue praying for the team members as they get to know each other and actually become “a team.”  And pray that they will all recover quickly from jet lag and lack of sleep . . .

On the home front, my parents arrived today, so the kids (& I!) are excited.  It’ll be nice to have them around for the coming week to distract us from “Daddy” being gone.


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