One More Miracle

It seems that this Sudan trip has been one miracle after another – and the trip hasn’t even left the ground yet!  I can only imagine what lies ahead for the coming weeks.

Since the last post, another avenue for visas opened up . . . miraculously so . . . but of course, not without a few hiccups.  Kevin needed to send ahead passport scans for all the team members, where someone would be able to apply for the visas on their behalf.  They could receive back scans of these visas, which would allow the team to board the flight here in Canada, and the visas themselves would be waiting for them when they land – one day turnaround.  The hiccup?  Several of the passports were still en route from the embassy and couldn’t be scanned until they were received back.  Nothing too major – the timeline looked alright, and taking into account the time difference between here and Africa, they would even have a few hours to spare.

Then came the news that a couple on Kevin’s team had received ONE of their passports back.  The other, sent at the same time by the same method, could be traced all the way to their hometown – and then it vanished.  The email today suggested that the passport was “as good as gone.”

So, today, as Kevin was weighing options of postponing or cancelling the trip, we were begging God for one more miracle.  And once again, God amazingly provided.  At soccer practice tonight, Kevin’s cell phone rang.  After being missing in action for over 24 hours, the passport had turned up!!  It had been mis-delivered, and the recipient had brought it by.

So, all the scans have been sent to Africa. But PLEASE, please, please don’t stop praying.  We do not have visas yet, and without confirmation of visas, team members won’t be able to board their flights. The first flights leave Thursday morning; Kevin’s leaves Thursday night.

Through all this, we are absolutely convinced that God wants this trip to happen.  He’s confirmed it again and again, at every juncture.  But it’s not an easy road and we desperately need your prayers. eMi has a new project trip prayer guide at eMi, if you’re so inclined, or just follow along on the blog – I’ll try to keep you posted.  Thanks for praying!


One thought on “One More Miracle

  1. Sylvia Smith

    “How Great Is our God…sing with me ..How Great is Our God

    I see amazing wonders in reading this report…that ONLY God can do

    It’s great to be in HIS family…& to experience HIS GRACE.

    God bless you both… & Kevin as he leaves shortly….to a very unsettled area of Africa.

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