I’ve been wanting to post an update for you, but the story about the visas keeps changing daily – if not hourly.  At various times it has looked like there were work-arounds . . . getting a visa from southern Sudan, receiving a visa en route in Ethiopia, etc. etc.  But each time a potential solution seems imminent, another road block seems to go up.  Please pray for a miracle.  Kevin’s team is supposed to be leaving in 1 week . . . the in-country logistics seem to have been worked out . . . but without visas, or official letters saying they will receive the visas, the team can’t go.  Of course, God is not surprised by any of this, and He has it all under control . . . but it IS pretty stressful for Kevin as the project leader.  So please pray . . . for the visas, for Kevin, for the project . . . for things to go exactly the way God has planned.


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