The ups and downs of project management

So far, the Sudan project is still a go . . . but I think Kevin is getting a bit tired of the ups and downs that go with this stage of project management.  We’re at the “critical” stage – less than a month to go – where all the pieces need to be falling into place . . . and sometimes, the pieces just don’t fall right.  Kevin has had team members sign up and team members cancel . . . and team members sign up again.  He’s found out that the information on the embassy website is not fully accurate on the procedures for applying for visas.  He’s waiting for several vital emails – including one confirming the architect and one with airline itineraries – and for once, the email is silent (at least that means there’s no more team members cancelling, I guess . . . ).  This stage is probably the hardest of every project trip – there are just too many variables for things to always go smoothly.  We asked for prayer for a couple specific items at Bible Study on Tuesday night, but as Kevin said, once those items are smoothed over, there will be another “crisis” to be praying for . . .

So I do ask for your continued prayer.  Prayer for the logistics of this Sudan trip.  Prayer for continued political stability in southern Sudan.  And prayer for encouragement for Kevin as he tries to pull everything together.

On a more personal note, we hope you all had a blessed Easter weekend.  My parents were up, so we had an exciting, busy weekend that included learning to decorate Ukranian easter eggs at a friends house, painting our own easter eggs, joining in on a Easter Sunday brunch at our church before the Easter Service, an Easter Egg hunt (including for our “easter story eggs” . . . which Talia & Kaisa seem to know off by heart already) and of course, some geocaching :).  It was a beautiful sunny weekend, but on Tuesday morning we woke up to snow!

Talia, Kaisa & Opa paint easter eggs
Talia, Kaisa & Opa paint easter eggs

The next few weeks look busy for us again, with Kevin doing a “bridges” presentation in Talia’s class, soccer starting (which Kevin is coaching), Kevin’s half-marathon, the girl’s school musical, our new homestay student arriving, a quick trip to Edmonton, and a rhythmic gymnastics performance (on top of the ordinary happenings of life 🙂 ).  Pray too that we are able to maintain balance in the midst of busy-ness . . .


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