The Tale of a Tooth

Kaisa’s second tooth fell out today . . . finally . . .

The REAL story was two days ago though, when the tooth DIDN’T fall out.  Here’s the email I wrote to a friend that day:

I have to share Kaisa’s tooth adventure with you today . . . sigh.  Can nothing be easy?  I left school just before lunch after volunteering for the morning.  A few minutes later I got a phone call from the school secretary.  Kaisa was in the nurses office and wanted Mom.  Why?  Because she had let a friend try to pull out her tooth, and it didn’t come out . . . and Kaisa had fainted!!  The tooth is still in, Kaisa came home for the afternoon, and we decided that from now on Kaisa will pull out her OWN teeth . . . on to the next adventure . . .

I have to admit, we had a good laugh about it . . . and I’m still feeling sorry for the poor kid that was doing the pulling.  And Kaisa?  Well, she’s just happy her tooth came out before her dentist appointment tomorrow . . .


One thought on “The Tale of a Tooth

  1. The Other Wiens Family

    WEll that is a funny story. Rebecca has currently no two front top teeth, her adult bottoms are already in, and the one on the bottom beside the adult teeth is out now too. So she is limited in what fruit or “hard” snacks I can send with her to school. I read out loud your story about Kaisa’s fainting and we ALL had a good laugh about that too!!! Poor Kaisa she probably won’t ever live it down, much like her daddy.

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