The Power of Prayer

Yesterday, we asked you to pray for Kevin as he recruits for the Sudan trip.  Actually, Kevin had been feeling pretty discouraged – it was looking more and more like the trip would have to be postponed.  Today – quite out of the blue – THREE engineers contacted Kevin to join his team (two are confirmed, and one is very interested).   Please keep praying . . . there’s still one vital position to be filled, and a few more positions that would be nice to have . . . and please pray too for Kevin as he is now beginning the logistics of planning flights (Malakal is 1000 km from the international airport that Kevin and the team will be landing at . . . and connections aren’t great).

So, a bit of info about the trip . . . the project is for a new orphanage and school on 5 acres near the Nile in a city called Malakal.  There is desperate need for more housing for children in this city; after the devastation of years of civil war in Sudan and the HIV/AIDS epidemic, many children have been left orphans and lack the basic necessities of life.

The ministry, Children of Promise, is currently working in Nigeria and has been in the planning stages to expand to Sudan for several years.  The project will include orphanage housing, a school, a medical clinic and a church, and the goal of the Hope for Children Sudan Orphanage is to provide for these children in a loving way and to see them grow strong physically, mentally and spiritually.

The eMi project profile is posted on the side bar (under eMi Project – current) – it contains the project scope, including a link to the location in google maps.

Thanks for your prayers – as you can see, they really ARE making a difference!


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