Spring in Sudan?

I finally got our March/April newsletter out . . . and with it, news of Kevin’s next project trip . . . this time to southern Sudan.

You start to follow international news pretty closely when trips start taking you into countries that are considered “politically instable” . . . and world events did delay the approval of this project trip.  But the area of southern Sudan where Kevin will be going is pretty stable – and thousands of kilometres away from Darfur (which hit the news again today).

One of the nice things about engineering Ministries international is that it works directly with ministries that are on the ground in the country.  So, when the ministry assures us that the area is stable, we can be confident that we’re getting accurate information.

We’ll share more information about the Sudan trip in the coming days . . . as well as a few more reflections on Kevin’s last trip (to Uganda).  But for now I’d like to ask for prayer for Kevin as he recruits the Sudan team.  The delay in approval also caused a delay in recruitment – and for everything to fall into place in time to secure plane tickets and visas will be nothing short of a miracle.  Please pray for wisdom for Kevin, as he will need to make decisions in the coming week as to whether the trip is a go for May, or whether it will need to be postponed . . .


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