HOW many???

We knew that this week would be filled with lots of visiting . . . but even we didn’t have a concept of just HOW many people we’d be touching base with this week.  Kevin – being the numbers guy that he is – started keeping a running tally of how many different people he had spoken to about our ministry through seminars, Bible studies, personal visits etc.  Last night his count hit 99!  Now . . . keep in mind this does NOT include people we had conversations with at our booth during Mission Vision – and our Open House is yet to come. 

Tonight our home church is hosting an open house for us where we can share stories, show pictures and answer questions (you’re all invited if you’re in the area – 7 p.m. at the North Peace MB Church).  We’ve always found that the open house format is a great way to share . . . our biggest challenge this time has been “saving” some stories to share about – especially when some people have already heard us in a seminar, at a Bible study, and the Seniors group . . . and they’ll be back again Sunday morning to hear us there too!  But really – it’s wonderful!  We’re thrilled that so many people still care enough to want to hear about eMi, about our ministry, and about what God is doing around the world!


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