Fort St. John . . .

We arrived in Fort St. John on Thursday afternoon, and as we got closer, we started commenting how much it looked and felt like “coming home”.  Not that Calgary doesn’t feel like home . . . but Kevin grew up here, and we spent the first 10+ years of our marriage here.  Yes, it still feels like home.

It was an amazing weekend!  I still can’t believe that a community the size of Fort St. John can pull off a missions conference of this quality!  There were about 30 booths, a children’s program, between 20 and 30 seminar sessions, and great attendance despite the miserable weather on Saturday.  Kevin’s seminars were well attended, and the chopsticks and the origami were a hit in the grade 5+ seminars that I did.  By Saturday night we were EXHAUSTED though . . . I wasn’t so sure I should close my eyes for the closing prayer . . . I wasn’t convinced they would open again . . .

Today, our week of “visiting” has started.  We were at friends houses for lunch and dinner.   We were given our “schedule” on Saturday, and added a few more visits at church this morning . . . so we’ll be busy (and we’ll definitely come home VERY well fed!).  The kids are starting to show signs of stress though – please pray that they get some downtime, especially in the mornings when we have less planned.  We’re looking forward to an exciting week!   Please pray for positive times of connecting and reconnecting as we share about eMi here.


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