Mission Fest Recap

I know, I know . . . it’s been a week. But it took us about that long to recover 🙂 .  Seriously though . . . it was a great, but crazy weekend last weekend.  Kevin took a day off afterwards . . . and promptly got sick.  And the girls took a few days to get over being sleep deprived.

We left for Missions Fest right after school last Friday.  We got into town late afternoon, stopped by our friend’s house to pick up a key, dropped Kevin off at Missionsfest, and then the girls and I went to ANOTHER friend’s house for dinner.  Good thing we have lots of friends in Edmonton :).  After dinner, we all headed back to Missions Fest . . . the kids for their first session of the kids program, and me to help out a bit at the booth.  We didn’t stay quite ’til the booths closed (at 10) . . . but it was still pretty late by the time we got back to the place we were staying.

Saturday, we were back at Missions Fest relatively early.  The kids were in and out of sessions from about 9:30 on, and I managed to take in a seminar in the afternoon.  Supper time was again at a friends house . . . and you could already tell that our kids were exhausted.  But, our brave friends decided to take our kids night skiing (their community association had rented the hill!).  Kevin and I went back to the booth.  (After I made the comment that I was looking forward to the peace & quiet of missions fest, I realized just how wired our kids had been!).  But actually, the evening was nice and quiet – at least while the main speaker was in session.  I had a chance to wander and chat . . . I talked about my Niger trip with some of the folks at the SIM booth and with someone at from the Leprosy Mission (both of which are involved in the hospital in Danja).  I dropped by the Camp Sagitawa booth to say hi.  There’s quite a camaraderie that builds up between the exhibitors at an event like this.

Sunday we got to sleep in!  We packed up, and even got to go for a walk (and find a couple geocaches) before church.  The church we went to was a German church (though we went to the English service) that is connected to a church-based camp that my Mom and I would come to – all the way from Penticton – for many years when I was a kid.  And, believe it or not, a few of the campers who attended those camps actually recognized me.  What a neat chance to reconnect!  We had lunch with the friend we were staying with, said our good-byes . . . and headed back to missions fest.

At missions fest there were more children’s programs, more booths, more connecting . . . we didn’t stay ’til the very end, since there were several volunteers helping out at our booth, and we figured getting the kids home early was probably a good thing.  But it was still almost 5 before we left!  Thankfully, Kaisa fell asleep on the drive home.  But Talia was still awake when we arrived back in Calgary . . .

So, please pray for the connections we made during Missions Fest.  One afternoon, I stopped by another ministry’s booth and they were SO excited to hear what we do.  Over the course of the weekend we talked with several ministries about specific projects.  Pray that they will follow through with the application process.  We also chatted with a number of engineers and architects who signed up for our mailing list and are possibly interested on coming on a trip sometime . . . again, pray that the pieces will fall into place.  One student dropped by, who had discovered eMi a couple of years ago.  At the time, she had been making schooling decisions, and chatted with someone at the eMi booth.  Now she’s partway through an engineering degree and anxiously waiting to complete her second year so that she can apply for an eMi interships.  How encouraging!

And for us?  Now our attention turns to Fort St. John.  We’re heading up there for Mission Vision next week, and then sticking around for a week.  If you’re from the area, and want more details about our schedule, let us know . . .


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