Next stop: Missions Fest

Well, Kevin isn’t quite over his jet lag yet . . . but this afternoon we’re off again.  Nothing as exotic as Uganda this time . . . we’re actually off to Missions Fest Alberta, held in Edmonton.

If you’ve never been to a Missions Fest, I’d highly recommend it!  It’s absolutely amazing just to wander through the hundreds of booths, each representing a different mission or ministry, showing different facets of what God is doing around the world.  There are speakers and seminars, and even a terrific children’s program (Talia & Kaisa went last year, and they’re SO excited to be going again).  And best of all, admission is free!

Of course, we’re going as “exhibitors”, as eMi will have a booth there.  Our purpose at Missionsfest is twofold.  The first is obvious – to recruit volunteers.  While the Engineering Ministries International name is getting out there, there are still architects and engineers (or their wives or mothers 😉 ) who stop by our booth fascinated that such a ministry exists.  We want to connect up with these people and provide opportunities for them to use their professional skills in missions.

On the flip side though, we are also there to connect up with the other missions organizations.  eMi projects are all launched at the invitation of the ministry we are going to serve.  So other missions organizations need to know that we are available to help them!  So, often, one of us spends time going from booth to booth, chatting with the other exhibitors and letting them know what we do.

So please pray for us this weekend.  Pray for good connections with volunteers and with ministries.  Pray for safe travels.  Pray for Kevin – being an exhibitor at Missions Fest is tiring at the best of times, let alone when you’re still fighting jetlag!  Pray for our kids, that their hearts will be touched through the children’s programs.

If you’re at Missions Fest, stop by our booth.  We’re at E-4 and we’d love to see you!


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