Final Presentation

Happy valentine’s! . . . We’ re presenting this morning then packing. See you soon

An excerpt from Kevin’s text message this evening . . . today’s the day.  Within a few hours, Kevin and his team will be presenting a master plan to ConnectAfrica representatives and others at the final presentation. For some ministries, this is a very emotional time.  For the first time, they see their dream ON PAPER.  The eMi team has come alongside and listened and understood . . . translated the vision . . . often into a 3-D rendering of what will one day be built.

Pray that the presentation goes well.  Pray for Kevin – as team leader, his role is often to give a word of encouragement from the Bible at the start of the presentation.  Pray for the team, that they can present their information clearly in non-technical language that can be understood by those who are in attendence.  And pray for the team as they then debrief and get ready to return to the very different world that they left behind less than two weeks ago . . .


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