23 hours and counting

Kevin just checked the flight info, and apparently they’re already anticipating that his flight – leaving in about 23 hours – is going to be 12 minutes early into London (despite the delays they’ve had in the past few days due to snow).  British Airways is amazing!

Tonight, I’m watching Kevin pack. He’s got this down to a science . . . though I think his list gets longer for every trip.  As the trip leader, he’s expected to have a few things along that others on the team don’t need to bring . . . everything from water test kits to an extra-long tape measure, a compass, a GSP, a first aid kit etc. etc.  When we both go, these items get divided between our luggage.  But when Kevin’s on his own, he tries to fit all this in one bag and one carry on.  And more and more is going in his carry on — especially after the experiences with delayed luggage on the last trip.  Our Bible Study group prayed tonight that everything Kevin & the team needs would arrive safely and on time . . . I’m hoping that they won’t have to discover how little they need :D.

Please do pray for Kevin and the team these next 12 days . . . the spiritual side of these trips is very real, and without prayer cover things just don’t work.  I’ll try to keep you updated on specific prayer requests, but we’re not sure yet if there will be internet access for the team.

For tomorrow and the next day, please pray for safe travels, for the luggage, and for the team as they meet each other for the first time and begin to get to know each other.  And don’t forget to pray for us back home too 🙂 .  Thanks!


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