Next week: Uganda

I was talking to someone today, and mentioned that Kevin was leaving for Uganda next week . . . and they complained that they hadn’t read much about it on our blog yet.  Perhaps it’s like the half-joking comment that was made at Bible Study tonight when we were sharing our prayer requests . . . Kevin’s “just” going to Uganda and it’s “just” for two weeks . . . has it really become that matter of fact already?  True, this is an expected part of Kevin’s job . . . but each trip is the expression of a ministry’s vision . . . part of God’s greater vision . . . playing a part in reaching the poorest of the poor in Jesus’ name . . .WOW.  When we really think of what we get to be a part of in our role at eMi, it takes our breath away.

So, this trip.  Next Wednesday, Kevin and his team leave from various points in Canada and the U.S.  for London, England.  After meeting up as a team there, they’ll be continuing on to Kampala, Uganda.  There’s an eMi office in Kampala, so the team will get a bit of orientation to Ugandan construction and design from the staff there.  Then it’s off to meet the ministry.

The ministry that Kevin’s team is going to serve is called Connect AfricaConnect Africa reaches out to IDP camps in the north of Uganda.  IDP camps – internally displaced people camps – are essentially refugee camps, but the distinction is that the people who are displaced are from within the country itself, not fleeing from a neighbouring country.

While Connect Africa ministers in the north, it’s not a great place to be based because of the political unrest that is ongoing.  So, the ministry is planning to build a Ministry Center in the more stable south, basically as a home-base from which to reach out and minister to both the practical and the spiritual needs of those in the camps.

More detailed information – including a bit of what will be involved in the design – is available on the project profileConnect Africa has a website too, if you’d like to learn more about their ministry.  I love this part of our “job” – learning about all sorts of other ministries that are out there playing their part in the body of Christ.  Don’t we serve a creative God?!?


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