Around the World in 180 minutes

We took Talia’s friends on an adventure for her birthday party . . . Talia wanted an “around the world” birthday party, and I was happy to oblige 🙂  So, we sent out “boarding passes” to six of her closest friends, and this past weekend the girls arrived ready to travel . . .

I had made up “passports” on the computer, and the birthday party consisted of travelling to each of the continents (and collecting stamps in their passport along the way):

In Europe they visited Germany and made (and played) a Muhle game:

In Australia, they made “Fairy Bread” and then played a game called “Down, down, down”:

Then it was off to South America.  There we had to stop in Peru, since that’s the country Talia just learned about in school.  We read a story, made a craft, and then wore off some energy by dancing to some fiesta music (not exactly Peruvian – it was the CD we had from the Fiesta DVBS a few years ago – but there was some Spanish on it and the kids thought that was close enough 🙂 )

Next came Asia . . . for chopstick races, learning to write names in Japanese (our last homestay student had written them out for us before she left), and a game of “fukuwarai”

In Africa, the girls tried on an African outfit (my wraparound skirt and headcovering from Niger) and made a mancala game out of egg cartons.  We were running out of time though, so we didn’t actually get to play the game . . .

Then it was back to North America for cake & ice-cream (and presents)

The 3 hours just sped by, and after a quick visit to the “souvenir shop”, the girls headed outside to do some “snow painting” in Antarctica before their parents took them home

So, by the end of the afternoon, Talia had “Happy Birthday” sung to her in four different languages (it didn’t hurt that among her friends, the german bilingual program, the spanish bilingual program, and the french immersion program were represented!) and all the kids had learned a bit more about different cultures 🙂

On Talia’s actual birthday, things were pretty low key – but we had presents from Oma & Opa and from Mom & Dad.  I wasn’t sure how our present would go over this year . . . but we couldn’t think of anything that Talia actually NEEDED, and Talia had been asking if our family could sponsor child for a long time, so we decided to incorporate that into her birthday present.  We found a program among our missionary connections that was not quite a traditional sponsorship program – but it’s helping a specific child go to school, and Talia does get a profile and CAN write her child (and it was a fair bit less than the other programs, so that when Kaisa asks for one too, we can still afford it!).  Well, Talia was absolutely thrilled!!  She hasn’t stopped talking about her girl, she’s busily planning what she wants to say in her first letter (and is asking all sorts of questions about whether her child can read English, and how does she get our letters, and what can we send, and and and . . . ).  It was the perfect gift to go with the around the world theme 🙂

Now Kaisa is busily trying to decide the theme for her next birthday party . . . in August . . . 😀


2 thoughts on “Around the World in 180 minutes

  1. dayle

    Sounds like a great party! Rebecca has let me off the hook for a party theme this year. She only wants to go to Build A Bear in West Edmonton Mall and Chucky Cheese for a family dinner. Either way it is way less work and likely money too than planning, pulling off and getting all the party stuff together. Maybe we can look at dates and you guys can be our “special surprise guests” and meet up??????

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