Is this really my first post of the new year??  I was SURE I had done a blog post in January already.  But either I deleted it or I just intended to write it (which is probably more likely!) . . . sigh.  It HAS been a bit busy.

This weekend was the Engineering Ministries International Canada board meeting, so Kevin was busy all day Saturday.  It was apparently a great meeting – the board is really stepping forward to define their role and show leadership.  The board meets quarterly – with board members from Edmonton and Kamloops as well as Calgary, that seems to work best.

Of course, a board meeting also means an eMi “social” in the evening – and it’s always a great chance to connect.  Dinner and fellowship – and some presentations on recent trips.  Here’s Kevin sharing about his D.R. Congo project:

There was also a presentation of another sort.  Apparently, my name came up a bit at the board meeting relating to the public relations work I’ve been doing for eMi – press releases and the like – and the board decided to thank me by presenting me with a bouquet of flowers (of course, now I’m wondering how much more work Kevin signed me up for 😉 :

It’s actually pretty neat – the media has been very responsive to the press releases we’ve been sending out.  Just before Christmas, I sent out a couple about Patrick Cochrane, one of our board members, who volunteered on a Disaster Relief team with eMi (in partnership with Samaritan’s Purse).  It was picked up by both the Kamloops Daily News and the local Kamloops TV station.  We’ve had a fair bit of media coverage this past quarter – whatever related to Canadian-led trips is posted in our “press room” on the eMi website.

Then today, we had a wonderful chance to present at our church here in Calgary.  It’s the first time we’ve been able to share with our new church home exactly what it is that we do.  We’ve been included in the church’s Christmas missions offering both last year and this year, so a write-up about us has been available – but somehow it’s different when you’re up front talking, even if it’s just a 3 minute missions moment (that’s what we always got at NPMB too 🙂 ).  Pastor Dayle did an appeal for us after Kevin’s presentation – which is very encouraging, since we’re praying for a few more supporters for our ministry team. We had a booth set up to talk to people afterwards, and it really was a good opportunity.

Of course, that made the afternoon a bit rushed – especially since Talia’s birthday party was starting at 1:30!  But we had lunch in the crockpot, and managed to be mostly organized before the kids showed up.  I’ll save all that for later though, or else this will start to turn into an essay . . .


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