eMiC Open House

Today was the day . . . eMi Canada hosts an annual Open House each Christmas, and after rearranging, tidying, decorating and the like, this evening the office was open to welcome friends and share about what God’s been doing this year.  The first hour was quiet – though even then, we had some people drop by who were new to eMi.  By the time I left at 7, the office was FULL.  (But I figured 3 hours was long enough for the girls to be on their best behaviour 😀 ) .  It’s neat to see the various friends of eMi, to share stories, to see how eMi has grown.  To think, that 5 years ago, eMi Canada was still a little office in someone’s basement!  We’ve got lots of pictures of this Open House – we gave Kaisa the camera and made her “official eMi photographer” for the evening . . . and she did a pretty good job!

The Open House was officially over at 8, but Kevin’s not home yet (it’s past 8:30 now), so I’m assuming the visiting is still going strong . . .


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