Who’s the most famous scrapbooker of them all?

Well, in our family – it’s Kaisa!  Kaisa, our little computer whiz, started a while ago playing with my photo imaging software to create scrapbook pages just like Mom.  Now, this is NOT children’s software . . . it’s actually pretty similar to photoshop.  But Kaisa treats it pretty much like she treats Webkinz World – keep trying, press all sorts of buttons, and when all else fails, click okay 😉

At any rate, last week the scrapbooking site that I’m part of had “RAKabration”, complete with contests and challenges.  Kaisa “entered” a layout – and the moderator was so impressed, she offered Kaisa a special prize of any kit in her store.

Kaisa was tickled pink.  She took the task of selecting a kit VERY seriously.  And then she made a layout with her new kit and sent it to say “Thank you”.  And now she’s famous . . . the designer put the layout up in her store, and has featured Kaisa on her blog.  You can read all about it here.

So, here’s Kaisa’s famous layout:

So much fun!  The only problem is . . . now I have to fight for the computer to get to do MY scrapbooking 😀 .  Good thing I have a later bedtime . . .


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