English Corner surprises

We almost cancelled English Corner tonight . . . with the holiday tomorrow, and the schools (even the university) having the day off today, we weren’t sure people would want to come.  Boy, am I glad we didn’t!  We had half a dozen or more new participants (all but one in Canada for a week or less), plus a couple we hadn’t seen since last year.  I think altogether there were 20 of us – plus a few kids who enjoyed the toys while their parents were busy practicing their English (and we were missing a couple regulars!).

The challenges of coordinating a “drop in” ESL program like English Corner is you’re never quite sure what to expect.  All of a sudden we went from a group of intermediate-level and above students to a range that started at absolute beginner.  Thankfully, the activity we had planned today paired people off for telephone skills practice . . . so the more advanced students could help some of lower level ones – and I just had to make sure that the pairs kept rotating through.  Lots of fun!  Now to find another activity that works just as well for next week . . .


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