An Email!

It’s amazing how big an event getting an email can be when Kevin is somewhere with limited internet access.  Here’s some excerpts:

We’re getting close to being done and coming home . . . We gave our presentation this morning [Saturday morning] to the host missionary, a couple board members, and a couple others. It was very professionally done. The planner made it look really impressive. Cammie was very grateful for what we got accomplished. The team is connecting well. The cross-cultural stuff hasn’t been too bad, everyone is quite gracious.

The 9 guys went swimming today and we had a great time with the cannon ball olympics and water polo. The weather is more bearable today as well, with more clouds but still 31-35 degrees and lots of humidity. On the way home we spend 7 hours in Kenya and 8 hours in London. So it will be a long way home . . .

So, the work portion of the Congo trip is complete.  Now there’s debriefing and then the long trip home.  Please continue praying for safe travels, as well as for a chance for the team to process all they’ve seen and experienced.  Coming home – and knowing what to share and how to share it – can be tough when you’ve just been to a country that’s a reality away from everyday life . . .


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