From the Home Front

I haven’t heard from Kevin again . . . though that’s not surprising.  From his last email, I’m assuming that he doesn’t have internet access again on site.  But eMi trips being what they are, Kevin & the team are probably coming up to their final presentation in a few hours (since it’s already Friday morning in the D.R. Congo.)  I can’t wait until Kevin gets home to see what the team came up with!

It’s been a busy week at home too.  On the weekend, I helped out with a cultural training seminar, and then this weekend was the CCCC Annual Conference (from the Canadian Council of Christian Charities) . . . and since it was being held in Calgary, I got to go!  What a fabulous few days of speakers, workshops, and networking . . . though by the end, I was certainly glad that I’m NOT a full-time working Mom.  (I don’t usually have to deal with rush-hour traffic, but this conference was across town).  I took mostly public relations-focussed workshops, to learn how to better get the word out about Engineering Ministries International.  As well, I spent a lot of time meeting people from other ministries, and letting them know who we are as a ministry and how we can help them.  By the end, I was exhausted . . . but I’m looking forward to going into the office next week to put into practice what I’ve learned.

Tonight was also Open House at the girls’ school.  Talia & Kaisa were excited to show us all around their classrooms (and it was especially exciting for them to have Oma & Opa along).  Tomorrow is a day off, so we’re looking forward to sleeping in – and then heading out to do something fun.


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