Update from Congo

Here’s the latest email from Kevin:

We’ve made it. It’s Sunday afternoon and we’re gearing up for our visioning session with Cammie, our missionary host. We saw the site this afternoon for 10 minutes after church. This is going to be a difficult site to figure out because of the steep slope. Church was great – everything you’d expect from an African church – loud singing, dynamic preaching and many handshakes afterwards for the foreigners.

Most of our luggage finally arrived today. None of it was here when we landed. We waited until the afternoon of the next day (today) for it. We still are missing 3 bags though. Most of the survey gear, all of Bumjoo’s stuff and all of Alvin’s stuff. Bumjoo only had a grocery bag of stuff as his carry on. He’s doing the most sharing of stuff with others.

Tomorrow’s our big day to see what we can get done without survey gear. I doubt there’ll be any more emails until the end of the week. Maybe a text or two.

So, there you have it . . . lots of things to pray for!  Pray for an adequate site survey on a steep slope without survey gear.  Pray that the team was able to catch the vision of the ministry.  Pray for the rest of the luggage to show up.  Pray as the team settles into its roles and the hard work of coming up with a master plan for the Elikia Children’s Village.  Thanks for your prayers!


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