Missing in Action?

I know, I know, it’s been WAY too long since I’ve blogged.  The ultimate dilemma of blogging . . . when you have lots of time to blog, there’s not much to write about.  When there’s lots to write about . . . you just don’t have the time.

The beginning of September tends to be pretty crazy anyways, but this year didn’t leave ANY breathing room.  The only reason I have time now is that Kevin left this evening for Congo.  Actually, he’s at the airport right now, quite possibly boarded already . . . so, until my parents arrive tomorrow, the house is quiet.  But I’m getting ahead of myself . . .

A brief update:

The girls started school the first week of September.  With Kaisa in grade 1 now, both girls are in full days.  (People ask me what I’m going to do with all my time . . . I just laugh 😉 ).

The first weekend after school started, we headed down to Penticton for a very quick visit with my folks, as well as a chance to share at Kaleden church (where I grew up).  It was a rushed trip (we left Thursday after school and headed back Sunday after church), but we hadn’t made it there this summer and we definitely wanted to make the time to reconnect.

Then, on Monday, afterschool activities started (the girls are in Rhythmic Gymnastics this year) AND we picked up our new homestay student (she had actually arrived on the weekend . . . a friend hosted her for a couple days until we got home).  Saya is from Japan, and she’ll be staying with us until Christmas.  (The girls are looking forward to getting to keep her a bit longer than our summer students, who were only here 5 weeks each).

Tuesday, I started working at the eMi office again.  It sounds like I’ll be in the office full days on Tuesdays and Thursdays now . . . and I’ll be trying to work a bit more on publications-type stuff.  So, in the last couple weeks, I wrote a press release, produced an ad for a missions directory, that sort of thing.

Wednesday, we had the new eMi intern over for supper.  He’s from Korea, a friend of the two eMi interns that we hosted back last fall.  He’s going on the Congo trip with Kevin.  (Oh, and I went to the Ladies Fellowship group from our church . . . and we had a playdate with a friend Talia had made from camp . . . )

Thursday was a QUIET day

On Friday evening, we were invited to a fundraising dessert night hosted by an organization that eMi Canada is going to serve sometime next year.  The new CEO of eMi USA was up, so it was a great opportunity to show him a bit of who eMi Canada was serving – and a bit of Canadian country music.  It was a fabulously-organized event featuring Paul Brandt . . . even auctioning off a “private concert” with him (that went for a price that I’d expect it to include a vehicle or a small house 😀 ).  Now if only we could organize a fundraiser like THAT for eMi . . .

Saturday we all went different directions.  The girls went to the zoo with friends, while Kevin went to an eMi board meeting (they only happen quarterly, since the board is spread out in different provinces), and I did some training to become an “Intercultural Training Facilitator” . . . basically, I’m training to be able to do some cultural training . . . right up my alley.  Saturday night, we had another eMi fellowship time – this time including the CEO, some board members, and all our families . . .

On Sunday, an old university friend came up from Vancouver for a few days.  We hadn’t seen each other since univeristy, and had recently connected up again through facebook . . . it was good to catch up.

Yesterday, Kevin’s visa FINALLY arrived for his Congo trip (nothing like the 11th hour . . . )

So, this morning, our friend left.  Kevin and I took some time over lunch for a “date”.  And then Kevin made sure he was really all packed.  Thankfully, the packing gets easier each trip.  We have a box that holds all the “trip stuff” like mosquito netting, hand sanitizer, a pocket pentrometer, etc. etc.  So Kevin mostly just has to add his clothes and toiletries and then he’s good to go.

And by now, Kevin should be en route to London, where he has a 6 hr layover beforing carrying on to the D.R. Congo.  Pray for him – he’s got a big team this time, and there are FIVE different countries (three continents) represented on the team.  The potential for cultural misunderstandings is huge.  The logistics increase with a bigger team.  And, as always, they’re trying to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time.  Pray that they’ll be unified as a team.  Pray that they’ll catch the vision of the ministry – they’re there to design an orphanage.  Pray for safety and wisdom and all the regular things that need prayer on a project trip . . .

I guess that wasn’t very brief.  I’ll try to post updates as I get them from Kevin . . . I still have no clue as to what kind of internet access they’ll have available.


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