The REST of the summer . . .

Here’s the rest of our summer in pictures, because I’m behind in blogging 🙂 :

Kevin playing Canadian-style golf at the eMi Golf Marathon Fundraiser in Colorado Springs

Kevin receives the gold medal for Canada in the first annual eMi inter-office golf olympics, which took place during the golf marathon lunch break.  Events included the marshmallow put, the rubber chicken hammer throw, and the synchronized water balloon toss (including points for style).

Kaisa gets her “Schultuete” in a special ceremony at her school before entering Grade 1.

A teary good-bye with Ayaka, our August homestay student.

A successful geocaching find!  We attended a 24-hour geocaching “marathon” in the Calgary area, culminating in a dinner with other area cachers.

Our anniversary lunch.  Kaisa helped make the waffles, and Talia set the beautiful table.

Back for more geocaching . . . um GPS training?!? . . . with our eMi Canada coworkers.

That’s been our last week or so in a (few) snapshot(s) . . . I can’t believe that summer holidays are officially over tomorrow – and it hasn’t quite sunk in yet that both girls will at school for full days this year . . .


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