Friends, birthdays, and lots of fun

Kevin read my previous blog entry about a week after I had posted it – and he commented on how many visitors I HADN’T recorded . . . including a few we hadn’t known about at the time. Right now, good friends from Fort St. John are here for about 10 days (including Talia’s very best friend from FSJ), so we’re enjoying a bit of a “staycation”. Kevin’s still working, but the rest of us are exploring some of the touristy stuff to do around home.

The other “big events” this week were Kevin & Kaisa’s birthdays. Because our friends were arriving before Wednesday, we decided to do Kaisa’s party on Monday . . . and Kaisa and Daddy kind of traded birthdays. It worked out really well, because my parents were up for a couple days on the weekend, and my Mom is the perfect person to help out with a birthday party — especially a jungle party of more than a dozen kids. Thankfully, the weather stayed nice so we were able to have all the “jungle games” outside . . . I had visions of kids running laps through my living room . . .

Monday night, we had our a bit of a “family” celebration for Kevin (with my parents and our homestay student) and last night we had another one for Kaisa (there were still 10 of us, including our friends and Ayaka). Now Talia’s ready to plan her birthday party (for January 😉 )

Well, I’m off to take Kaisa to another birthday party . . . this time for a friend of hers. She was invited to another one for Saturday, but the girls are running their Triathlon then . . . and I thought summer’s were supposed to be LESS busy than the school year . . .


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