Towards the end of every semester, eMi has a get together where the interns get a chance to report about the project trips that they went on, and where we get a chance to say our good byes and pray for the interns.  It’s a bit early this semester – the interns are actually here for another 3 weeks – but with various staff members heading off on holidays, this was the last time we could ALL get together.  So, this evening, our house was filled with interns, staff, and a few others (and families, of course).  Thankfully, we had beautiful weather, and enjoyed the BBQ in our backyard.  Then we headed inside for the presentations.  Here are Landon, Angela & Luke, the three interns, leading worship before they spoke:

It’s always exciting to hear what everyone has learned through their trips and their time at eMi.  Besides showing the videos that they had created, everyone also had the chance to share a highlight from the trip – everything from learning how to play a Nigerien version of checkers, to having a footwashing ceremony in Haiti, to seeing missionaries from other African countries on the mission field in Africa alongside “western” missionaries . . . exciting stuff.


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