It’s been a busy, busy . . . but fun . . . week. The girls and I took in a stampede breakfast and free kids day at the stampede grounds, some friends we knew from Fort St. John stopped by unexpectedly on their way through town, and then we had the cousins here for most of the weekend (more stampeding and, of course, the zoo). We had quite the hailstorm in there, so the tent in the backyard idea was nixed for the first night the cousins were here, resulting in a bit of musical beds . . . but it all worked out and was a lot of fun to boot.

On Sunday, we headed out to Linden on the invitation of Kevin’s Uncle & Aunt. They organize the services at the Seniors Lodge there, and invited us to speak. We weren’t quite sure how to tailor our presentation to this audience . . . but it went really well. (And the kids did okay too!! They had to sit quietly all by themselves, since both Mom & Dad were up front . . . we worried about how they’d do in their sleep-deprived state 🙂 ). We shared about Niger, and the hope that we saw there . . . as well as more generally about how eMi helps in designing a world of hope.

We also got to set up our booth and share for a few minutes in the service of the MB church right afterwards. I’m not sure if there were any engineers in the service . . . but God always seems to use these presentations in his own ways. Whether someone passes the information on to a son or a daughter, or whether it just serves to broaden someone’s perspective on what missions is . . . it’s definitely worth the time and the effort!

This week should be a bit quieter. The girls are involved in a kids program this week, so I might even get a chance to head into the office for a few hours . . .


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