My Marathoners

This weekend was the Calgary Marathon . . . and I got to cheer my whole family on!

Here’s Kevin just after finishing the half marathon:

Kevin took more than 10 minutes of his last half-marathon time and came in the top 5% overall!!

The girls ran THEIR first marathon too! The Timbits marathon is set up so that the kids log 41 kms BEFORE race day and then run the last 1.2 km of a full marathon and collect their finisher’s medal during the Calgary marathon. We signed the girls up 3 weeks ago, so they had their work cut out for them running and walking to get their kms in . . . but they were all smiles on race day.

Here’s Talia and her friend in the chaos at the start:

And here’s Kaisa still running hard about halfway through the race:

Both girls were so proud that they RAN the whole way . . . Talia finished in under 7 minutes and Kaisa in under 10. They got finisher medals just like Daddy’s . . .

It’s so much fun to watch the girls enjoying something that Daddy enjoys . . . I’m sure I’ll be in the cheering section for a few races yet . . .


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