Back to the regular things of life

Wow . . . after having the focus on going on our eMi trip for such a long time, it was easy to forget that when we got back we’d be in end of school season and all that goes with it . . . the days have just FLOWN by! I haven’t even done our prayer letter for this month yet . . . partially because I’m still processing, and partially because I just haven’t had the time . . . our new homestay student is arriving tomorrow, the girls have 3 days of classes left, and life is BUSY!

I had a neat chance to share about Niger in both Kaisa and Talia’s classes . . . I brought in my headscarf and skirt, and “dressed up” one of the girls (too bad I can’t post a picture – but the school would need a media release for me to be allowed to do that!) and then showed a bunch of pictures and shared stories. I wasn’t sure how I’d do talking about Niger and being at a leprosy hospital at a kindergarten and grade 1 level . . . but the feedback I got from parents of kids in both classes has been really positive.

Here’s what else has been keeping us busy . . .

Kevin ran in the Footstock Marathon last weekend . . . and came in 10th place πŸ™‚ We camped in Cochrane, cheered on Daddy, and just had a really nice relaxing time (well, Kevin might not have considered it quite so relaxing . . . ).

Rudy & Crystal came by just in time to join us in cheering Kevin on . . . and they also brought a special gift for the girls from KidzWorship.

Kaisa got to bring a friend to a teddybear picnic at our church one afternoon this week. Here they are doing crafts together.

Kaisa had her kindergarten performance and “graduation” . . . she was praised for being a hardworking helper πŸ™‚ . Auntie Jenn came into town that morning too, so she got to come watch!

The girls picked out shingles for their new playhouse (the one they built with Opa while Mom & Dad were in Niger). Today we managed to get some siding from freecycle, so we’ll keep Daddy and the girls busy for a while yet . . .

Today was the soccer wind-up. Kaisa’s team had the U14 boys come over and help them with skills. Talia’s team had a final game . . . and Talia scored in the last few seconds of her last shift! She was pretty excited.

After picking up the siding, we stopped for a walk in Fish Creek park . . . that ended up as a walk in Fish Creek . . . :). But apparently the girls didn’t get wet enough. When we got home, they still had us set up the sprinkler so that we could run through it . . .

So, that’s what we’ve been doing with our time . . . at least the fun stuff πŸ˜‰ In between, I also managed to get an eMiC Connected newsletter out at work, went to a missions committee mtg, had a Bowwest committee mtg, supervised a couple playdates . . . the regular things of life . . . πŸ™‚


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