Re-entry . . .

We’ve been home a few days now, and it’s been raining off and on since we landed.  It’s hard to complain about the rain after Niger though . . . I look around here and everything is so lush and green . . . I can honestly say I’m thankful for rain . . .

The last few days were spent trying to readjust to “life as usual”.  In many ways, Niger already seems like a dream.  To process . . . to REALLY process . . . our experiences there will be a long process.  And, to a certain extent, we may never really understand.  The reality is that life in Danja is a lifetime away from life in Calgary.  For a few days, I was allowed to cross the divide, catch a glimpse . . . and maybe, in some small, small way, make a difference . . .

It’s easier, of course, to see what Kevin does as making a difference.  I still find the first few days on site amazing, as the team catches the ministry’s vision, and starts to translate that into the information needed to create a master plan.  There’s usually half a dozen conversations going on at once, and the energy and excitement is palpable.  Here’s a glimpse of what that excitement got translated into:

And here’s a prayer of dedication at the new site:

Yesterday, I spent a few hours trying to reduce the 5 gigs of photos our team had produced to a “favourites” folder . . . and then down to 36 photos to print out and put in a mini album for church tomorrow.  It’s hard to even know where to start when people ask about our trip.  What do you say, after “amazing”?!?


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