Time to head home

It’s our last day in Africa, and I can hardly believe it.  Tonight when we SHOULD be sleeping, we’ll be going to the airport to get on an airplane instead . . . our flight leaves about 3 a.m.  It’s been an absolutely amazing couple weeks here and I can’t wait to show you lots of pictures (the team swapped photo files yesterday, and it seems we’ve amassed about 5 gigs worth . . . ).  But no matter how many pictures I post, no matter how much I try to describe what we’ve experienced  . . . it won’t be enough.  There aren’t the words to express what life is like here.  What it’s like to hold the hands of a woman who’s lost her fingers to leprosy . . . and yet she’s smiling up at you because you’ve taken the time to stop and smile at her.  What it’s like to try to have a conversation with about 17 words of Hausa . . . and the smiles and appreciation because you’ve tried.  What it’s like to know that compared to every single one of these people you are ridiculously wealthy . . . and yet there is happiness, and love, and appreciation . . .

We’re about to do a final presentation here in Niamey.  We did a presentation and “sod” turning ceremony in Danja before we left there.  And then it’s homeward bound.  I’m afraid that it’s all going to seem like a dream . . . there’s such a huge disconnect between reality here and reality at home.  I’ll try to share pictures and stories soon . . .


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