Final Countdown

There’s only a few more things on my to-do list . . . and that’s a good thing, since we’re heading to the airport in less than 4 hours.  Soon I can check off “update blog” 🙂  I still can’t believe we’re leaving tonight . . . maybe it will feel more real when we land in the 40 C heat!

My parents arrived Monday night, and the girls are already in process of being spoiled . . . they’ll definitely be in good hands.  Opa is planning to build a playhouse with them, so hopefully the weather cooperates . . .

I’ve run my last minute errands, and now there are just a few more non-essential things to finish up.  Our flight leaves rather late tonight, so I’m hoping we’ll have no problem sleeping on the airplane.  We’ll arrive in Paris Thursday evening (their time) and then continue our journey to Niger Friday morning.  On Saturday, we’ll take the little charter plane from the capital into the country . . .

Pray for us while we’re in Niger.  Pray that the team would work well together, that they’ll be able to catch the vision of the ministries, that they’ll be able to use their skills to design a world of hope.  Pray that we’ll all stay healthy.  Pray that we’ll be open to what God has for us.  Pray for our families back at home.

I’m hoping to update our blog while we’re in Niger, but that will depend on what internet we have available while we’re there.  Otherwise, you’ll get the full report in two weeks . . .


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